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Welcome to the home of Australian composer/arranger Johannes Luebbers.

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Johannes Luebbers Dectet at the Melbourne Recital Centre

I am thrilled to be performing in the Salon at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Saturday July 22, at 7pm, with the support of the Melbourne Jazz Co-op.

This performance marks the first outing for the 10x10x10 project – the celebration of 10 years of music making with JLD through the composition of 10 new works, each written to feature one of the 10 ensemble members.

In addition to featuring a different person, each of the new works has also been conceived in dialogue with the featured performer. This typically involves a conversation/workshop, discussing musical interests and deciding on a trajectory for the work. Through this simple, and not entirely original, idea I’ve found that each work has really gone in a different direction.

When composing, the greatest challenge is often in establishing the initial materials that will form the basis of everything else. Which melodic fragment? Which harmonies? Should I begin with rhythmic ideas? And how should I organise them into something I can reasonable call a finished ‘work’? Inevitably I frequently find myself gravitating to similar materials, and developing them in similar ways. The wonderful thing about the 10x10x10 project is that the conversations I’ve had with each performer have planted seeds that I would not have found on my own. Speaking with Angela Davis led me to explore the concept of the Tonnetz ‘tone grid’. Ben Opie’s expertise on the oboe helped me construct musical ideas around extended techniques. With Andrew Murray we did away with solos on chord changes and instead used individual pitches as pivots points for other harmonic suggestions – all the while referencing our shared love of folk melodies and songs. And so it is similar with the other works. These initial triggers have grown into works that not only differ from each other, but are also considerably different to my past work with JLD.

Come and check it out.



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The Music of Queen – Sydney/Melbourne Shows

Hi all,

It’s a great pleasure to be playing keyboards on this gig – the music of Queen arranged for orchestra, with a 5-piece rock band and four singers from international productions of We Will Rock You. The arrangements are beautiful and the singers knock it out of the park.

Recommended for fans of Queen and pop/orchestra collaborations.

- johannes

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Artefact Agency EP samples

In preparation for our launch on Saturday July 23, here are some samples from our EP1…

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